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Are you in need of a loan and you need it now? You’ve got medical expenses, bills, home repairs, groceries, car repairs or other things to take care of and you don’t have time to lose! If this is you, why spend another minute looking around for other lenders when the solution is literally at your doorstep! Title Loans Bakersfield will save you from whatever crisis you are confronting. Get started now by filling out a 30 second form and see how simple it is!

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Just apply online or give us a call today at 661-458-8828. Our loan officers will be in touch with you right away and you’ll be able to get an immediate quote for your loan estimate.


Once you’re approved for your loan amount, you’ll have to turn in any paperwork that is needed. We will need copies of your driver’s license or ID, proof of income and residency, your car title, and your license and registration papers.

Get Your Cash

After turning in your paperwork, the cash will be accesible to you! Your loan amount will be wire transferred to your bank account or made accessible to you through MoneyGram, which is available through retailers nationwide.

How Title Loans Work

Title Loans Bakersfield can help customers walk away with a pocket full of cash on the same day they apply for a loan! Regardless of your credit history, you can borrow the money today based on the equity value of the car you own! This means that if your car can be sold for $7000, you can expect a startling, head-turning sum of $3500 for your car title loan.

All we need are a few important documents. You’ll need your driver’s license or ID, proof of income, car insurance papers, proof of residency, and your car title. The wonderful thing about car title loans is that you get to keep the car all to yourself. In fact, all of this is so incredibly simple that in reality, you aren’t really giving up on anything and yet you get the money to spend on whatever you need! This is exactly how Title Loans Bakersfield breaks all the barriers of conventional loans and presents you with an opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else.

After reading all this, you may be wondering in incredulity whether these title loans are really just a scam to take your money or car! But, rest assured these title loans are considered secured loans because they require an asset or collateral. We make our repayment method as simple for you as possible. Don’t expect a balloon payment like you would with a payday loan. We only allow for amortized installment loans so that the monthly payments won’t be overwhelming for our customers.

This is how we have streamlined the process to keep both you and us benefiting from a mutually advantageous relationship. With the title loan papers, we take over the ownership of your car but only temporarily! And no, we don’t keep the car to ourselves. You are free to drive it as and when you like and nobody will come and stop you.



Bakersfield Neighborhoods We Also Serve:



Gosford was founded by the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1893 and named in honor of the Earl of Gosford, a former landowner. The area has popular restaurants such as the Lengthwise Brewing Company and Ten Gu Ramen.


Venola is an unincorporated community in Kern County, California. It is located on the Southern Pacific Railroad 5.25 miles south-southwest of Bakersfield. Locals love eating at Camino Real Kitchen & Tequila on Stine Rd.

Wible Orchard

Wible Orchard named after Simon William Wible, who was a developer that managed community projects in the area. The area is home to Guapos Tacos, Ocha Thai Restaurant, and Shake ‘N Buns.


Landco an unincorporated community in Kern County. Lanco has several popular eateries such as BBQ Factory Steakhouse, Hungry Hunter Steakhouse, and Benji’s French Basque Restaurant.

Downtown Bakersfield

Downtown Bakersfield is the heart of the city where visitors will find the city’s emerging arts, culture and entertainment sectors. The area is filled with popular eateries and bars including 24th Street Cafe, Nuestro Mexican Restaurant, and Cafe Smitten.


Oleander/Sunset is a neighborhood just below downtown Bakersfiled. The region is home to PorkChop & Bubba’s BBQ, Fresco Mexican Grill, and Los Molcajetes.


Rosedale was founded in 1891 as a colony of English farmers. The area is filled with popular regional eateries such as J’s Place, Eureka!, and Frugatti’s Italian Eatery.



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If you have bad credit or a spotty financially background, don’t fear! We are the least concerned about investigating your past history and poking holes in your background. We are here to help people like you who are burdened with financial responsibilities and to make sure that our flexible and convenient loans enable you to get back on your feet.

Whether you are the owner of vintage cars, muscle cars, classic cars or exotics and luxury cars, we offer something for everyone. With our car title loans online, you get money cheaply, conveniently and securely.

But the real question is “Why should you choose Title Loans Bakersfield when there are so many online car title loans’ lenders in the market?” This is because we offer unqiue flexibility in your loan schedule and terms. We work with you to find the best possible solution to your current financial dilemma. Don’t wait to get started! Call us today!


Lowest Rates

We are the pioneer and leader in this car title loan industry with a hands-on experience of more than a decade. Why? This is because we offer the lowest interest rates on your car title loans. Our rates are significantly less than those offered by other companies so the next time you want cash and are looking for the lowest rates possible, bring your car to Title Loans Bakersfield.

Most Cash

We can offer you the most cash for your car title loan since we charge less. Moreover, the total amount that you have to repay is also, consequently, lesser and you can even choose to pay within the time duration of 2 to 4 years.

Easy Approval

Obtaining the cash with Title Loans Bakersfield is incredibly easy! We approve your loan almost instantly and the only thing you need for qualifying for our loans is a motor vehicle to your name. There are no credit checks or hassle-filled processes to get you all worked up and anxious!

Keep Driving Your Car

The best part about our loans that overshadows almost everyone else’s is that you get to keep your car even after borrowing the loan! So not only do you get to have the cash you need on hand, you’ll still be able to have your car as it was before.

No Prepayment Penalty Or Additional Fees

We don’t trouble our customers with additional charges or prepayment penalties that will deprive them of their last dime! If you desire to pay off your loan completely, you’ll have no problem doing so. There won’t be any fees for paying off your loan before the term is up!

Friendly And Professional Staff

Our company’s primary aim is to make sure you have the best customer service possible. When you call in or fill out our quick online form, our loans officers will be ready to assist you right away. With the help of our understanding loan officers, we’ll help you customize packages and convenient installments that will help you move smoothly throughout the process.

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Turn your car into cash today with Title Loans Bakersfield!

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